LSC and Enirgi Group Corporation (Enirgi Group) have entered into a Strategic Relationship Agreement for the exploration and development of lithium projects in Northern Argentina.

About Enirgi Group

Enirgi Group is a privately held multinational conglomerate that has demonstrated the ability to acquire, turn around, and develop successful business and operations in several diversified industries.

In the lithium industry, Enirgi Group (through it's wholly owned-subsidiary ADY Resources Limited) began exploration and development of its flagship lithium property at the Salar del Rincón, Salta, Argentina, in 2009. In 2013, Enirgi Group began developing its proprietary Direct Xtraction Processing Technology ("DXP Technology") with the following primary objectives:

  • Extract lithium from raw, unconcentrated brine in less than 24 hours;
  • Yield the highest recoveries at the lowest all-in cash cost versus industry competitors;
  • Eliminate the reliance on capital intensive and environmentally unfriendly evaporation ponds; and
  • Develop an environmentally friendly, low-impact extraction process that may potentially unlock the value of other brine resources.

In 2014, Enirgi Group successfully demonstrated its DXP Technology, which was validated by the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO).

Enirgi Group's DXP Technology can produce a high-purity lithium carbonate from brine to bag in less than 24 hours. By comparison, existing lithium producers use large networks of solar evaporation ponds to produce the end product. Solar evaporation ponds are capital intensive, have a large environmental footprint, and can take up to 2 years to produce end product.

Enirgi Group has completed major construction works and initial commissioning of its Direct Xtraction Process Demonstration Plant ("DXP Plant") at the Salar del Rincón. The DXP Plant is now producing lithium carbonate on a daily basis. The final stages of commissioning are going to plan and the DXP Plant is currently ramping up to full design. 

LSC has entered into an agreement with Enirgi Group for the provision of certain management and operational support. Enirgi Group will also assist LSC with the exploration of its lithium properties and studying the feasibility of future lithium operations on the properties by utilizing Enirgi Group’s proprietary DXP Technology. To read more about LSC and Enirgi Group’s strategic partnership in Argentina, please visit Enirgi Group’s website,