Fast Facts

  • 21,425 hectares – 100% interest
  • LSC tenements cover approximately 99% of the surface area of the Salar
  • Grades found to be consistently 500 to 600 mg/L Li down to 180m
  • 12-hole diamond drilling program completed in 4Q 2017
  • To be developed jointly with Salar de Pastos Grandes


The Pozuelos property is located in the Puna region of northwest Argentina, in the western Salta province. It is located approximately 230 km west of the city of Salta and 150 km east of the Chilean border. The Pozuelos property is comprised of two main mining groups, Lithea Norte and Lithea Sur, covering 10,787 hectares and centered in Salar de Pozuelos. In addition to the above mining groups, LSC holds several other mining tenements on Salar de Pozuelos which are prospective for fresh water.

Access to the Pozuelos area from the city of Salta is via high quality paved and secondary gravel roads. The total driving distance between Salta and the Pozuelos property is approximately 220 km, and the driving time is approximately 4.5 hours.

Local infrastructure is good and close. There is a gas pipeline located ~15 km west of the Salar.  Approximately 30 km to the east of the project site, a railway crosses from northern Argentina to Chile, providing potential access to a number of ports in northern Chile.

History of the Salar

 The mining concessions, which make up the Pozuelos property, are currently registered under the name LitheA Inc., S.A., a branch of LitheA Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary that LSC acquired in June 2017.

Salar de Pozuelos had been subject to extensive exploration by LitheA since 2008. This work included surface sampling, geophysics, diamond core and reverse circulation (RC) drilling, development of pumping wells to 90m depth for both short and long-term porosity testing, brine sampling and pumping tests. 


Exploration Program

LSC is undertaking a program of geophysical, diamond drilling and pump tests to confirm the prior exploration work by LitheA and to develop sufficient exploration data for an initial NI 43-101 compliant resource report. 

Pumping tests have been completed on two wells. A 30-day test was run on W1-35 and a 15-day test was run on W2-90.  The W1-35 30-day test averaged 591 mg/l Li and a constant Mg:Li ratio of 4:1 and the W2-90 15-day test averaged 548 mg/l Li and a Mg:Li ratio of 5:1. 

A 28.3 km line seismic program was completed on Salar de Pozuelos in May 2017. The seismic work identified a number of key features of the salar basin and, together with the previously completed geophysical work guided the placement of exploration drill holes. 

In November 2017, LSC announced the completion of its Phase 1 exploration drilling program, which included 12 out of 15 planned holes on Salar de Pozuelos. Three holes were cancelled due to ground conditions preventing access. 

The results confirmed LSC’s expectations in terms of the presence of wide spread, high grade mineralization across Salar de Pozuelos peaking at between 430 to 508 mg/L Li.  These results were also consistent with high grade lithium results returned from the pumping well tests.

LSC is targeting an initial NI 43-101 compliant resource report on the Pozuelos property by the end of 2017; however, no assurance can be made that there will be any category of mineral resource estimated pursuant to NI 43-101.