Salar de Salinas Grandes is located in both the Provinces of Salta and Jujuy, approximately 68 km northeast of the town of San Antonio de los Cobres on Route National 52. Salar de Salinas Grandes lies at an elevation of 3,520m above sea level. Salinas Grandes is very large (surface area of approximately 220 square kilometres) and has a drainage basin extending over 4,630 square kilometres.

Salar de Salinas Grandes is well situated in relation to key infrastructure with the main highway crossing the salar and a gas pipeline situated to the north.

LSC’s ownership package consists of an 85% interest in 88,472 hectares of tenements and applications for tenements in Salar de Salinas Grandes, which is comprised of 100% interest in 60,947 hectares and a 51% interest in 27,525 hectares through a joint venture with Dajin Resources Corp. 

Through the joint venture with Dajin Resources, LSC also has a 51% interest in ~94,000 hectares in neighboring areas on laguna Guayatayoc and the Western Claim Block.

History of the Salar

LSC acquired its interests in the Salinas Grandes tenements in 2016 and 2017. Some of the tenements were previously owned, and exploration work was conducted by, ADY Resources Limited on behalf of Enirgi Group (ADY Resources is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Enirgi Group). These tenements were acquired in 2016.  Also in 2016, LSC acquired a 51% interest in a joint venture with the Argentine subsidiary of Dajin Resources Corp. to explore and develop lithium brines on tenements and applications for tenements covering ~137,000 hectares in Salar de Salinas Grandes, laguna Guayatayoc, the Western Claim Block and laguna Palar.

In 2017, LSC acquired additional tenements in Salar de Salinas Grandes, including 29,529 hectares from Orocobre Ltd. Prior work by Orocobre included surface sampling, 47 auger holes (depths between 4m - 20m), 12 diamond drill holes (average depth of 71.4m) and pumping tests.
A 2013 technical report prepared for Orocobre estimated an Inferred Mineral Resource over 11,620 hectares within the Salar de Salinas Grandes based on a boundary cut-off grade of 1,000mg/l Li and an average specific yield of 4.1% to a depth of 13.3m. The estimated brine volume was 56.5 million m3 at an average lithium grade of 795mg/l Li. This is equivalent to a resource of 239,200 tonnes of lithium carbonate equivalent.

Exploration Program

On January 17, 2018, LSC announced its surface sampling verification program designed to validate assay data used in the Orocobre Ltd. Mineral Resource estimate had been completed. Of the 53 shallow pit samples taken, 80% of the samples have returned grades in excess of 500mg/l Li, 44% in excess of 1,000mg/l Li and 13% over 1,500mg/l Li. The peak value returned for this section of the sampling was 2,736mg/l Li. In addition to the surface pit sampling, nine Orocobre auger holes drilled to depths varying between 2m and 12m were located and sampled using a 60cm long bailer. A sample was recovered at regular intervals down hole. The sample results were then averaged to give a single lithium value per hole. The results included 44% of the assays lying between 500mg/l Li and 1,000mg/l Li and 12% in excess of 1,000mg/l Li peaking at 1,012mg/l Li. 

Further surface sampling on the LSC/Dajin portion of Salinas Grandes found that from 25 shallow pit samples taken, 60% of them have returned grades in excess of 500mg/l Li and 8% in excess of 1,000mg/l Li. The peak value returned for this section of the sampling was 1,353mg/l Li. Concentrations range from 281mg/l Li to 1,353mg/l Li. For further information, please see LSC press release dated February 28, 2018.  

*Information on this web page contains forward-looking statements. See “Forward-Looking Statements”, “Cautionary Note on Future Production by LSC” and “Scientific and Technical Information on Material Properties” under the Legal Notice section of this website for important information and qualifications.

 1 See technical report titled "Technical Report on Salinas Grandes Lithium Project" dated April 16, 2012, amended August 12, 2013 prepared for Orocobre Ltd. filed on Orocobre's SEDAR profile (the "Orocobre Report").