Salar de Jama is in the Province of Jujuy at the border with Chile and lies at an elevation of about 4,050m above sea level with a surface area of approximately 30 square kilometres.

National Route 52 passes immediately east of Salar Jama and provides excellent access to it.  Highway continues on to the major mining center of Calama and the ports of Mejillones and Antofagasta in northern Chile, providing major access from Antofagasta to northern Argentina. The salar is situated 5km south of integrated Argentinian-Chilean customs and a gas pipeline.

LSC has a 51% interest in 5,000 hectares through a joint venture with Cuper S.A., of which LSC is the operator.  LSC also has a 100% interest in 2,634 hectares.

History of the Salar

In 2016, LSC acquired a 51% interest in a joint venture with Cuper S.A. to explore and develop lithium brines on 5,000 hectares in Salar de Jama.  LSC also acquired an additional 988 hectares in 2016 from ADY Resources Limited (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Enirgi Group). The remaining 1,646 hectares were acquired from Orocobre Ltd., along with tenements in Salinas Grandes, in 2017.

Minimal exploration and development work has been completed on the Jama property. In 2008, Segemar, the Argentine Geological Survey, completed a program of geological mapping, shallow surface sampling and trenching for delineation of borate mineralization. Further surface sampling works were undertaken by ADY Resources in 2010 and, in 2015, Cuper S.A. completed a program of shallow surface sampling. Results of the 2015 exploration indicate good lithium values and favourable Magnesium to Lithium ratios.

Exploration Program

In 2017, LSC completed a Vertical Electrical Sounding geophysical exploration program that show a deep conductive basin extending over a much greater area and to greater depths than originally expected. LSC is developing a program of additional geophysical work (3D seismic and CS-AMT) and diamond drilling to better establish the potential of Salar de Jama.

On March 28, 2018, LSC announced that the results from the high resolution seismic refraction tomography survey indicate that there could be significant depth to the brine bearing formations on the project. The survey was also intended to map stratigraphy indicated by previously acquired CS-AMT data to be brine hosting which could also contain lithium.

LSC plans to drill exploration holes to collect and evaluate data from the brine and the hosts.

LSC, as the operator of the JV company Cuper S.A., maintains a good relationship and continues to work with the surrounding communities to ensure a complete information process and participation of the community throughout the development program, in coordination with the relevant authorities in the province of Jujuy.

Property Summary & Additional Exploration Properties

LSC holds approximately 300,000 hectares of tenements across 15 salars in northern Argentina.  The Company is focused on development stage lithium projects:  Pozuelos and Pastos Grandes Project, Rio Grande and Salinas Grandes.   Additional properties represent a significant property area for future exploration.


Salar Tenement Area
to LSC1
% Attributable
to LSC
 Pozuelos21,425  21,425100%
Pastos Grandes 2,683 2,683 100%
Rio Grande 26,865 26,865 100%
Salinas Grandes# 88,472 74,985 85%
Jama 7,634 5,184 68%
Guayatoyoc 66,692 34,013 51%
Western Claim Block 27,378 13,963 51%
Arizaro & Vega de Arizaro 26,476 26,476 100%
Laguna Palar 19,993 10,196 51%
 Pocitos12,968 12,968 100% 
 Other5,761 5,761  100%
Total 306,347 234,519 77%

*Some properties are subject to pending applications for approval and there is no assurance that these applications will be approved and, if approved, the entire area applied for will be granted.
#Includes LSC recently announced agreements to acquire the Bolera tenements (see LSC news release dated November 20, 2017) and Mina Teresa tenements (see LSC news release dated November 23, 2017).